Airwolf Helicopter

Airwolf Helicopter RTF RC

Airwolf Helicopter

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Add a little character to your RTF RC helicopter hobby with an Airwolf helicopter. She is modeled after the hit TV series called Airwolf. The replicas in RC are all real beauties. Simple to fly 3 channel models with built in gyros that you just add batteries and you are flying right out of the box. You will find helicopter models in all RC classes all the way up to large 9 channel models with retractable landing gear.

Models of the Airwolf Helicopter

RC helicopter enthusiasts of all ages can find a model to fit their skill level and pocketbook. The RTF (ready-to-fly) electric RC is available in toy class including everything in between and up to professional hobby RC class sky burners to wow anyone. Electric RC has taken over the hobby with a vengeance because of the high quality at low cost.

The more expensive nitro, petrol and gas turbine powered Helicopter come in many sizes and price ranges. The traditional fuel powered helicopters well known by RC enthusiasts out of reach to many due to the high cost and high degree of complexity. Is still a sought after hobby that is alive and well today.

The Airwolf helicopter is used for much than recreational purposes. They fill many different rolls from aerial observations by photographers and filmmakers. Some police departments make use of the remote aerial observation capability. With so many different models in different sizes many start a helicopter collection. You will very likely never run out of uses because the RC helicopter has so many versatile creative options.

RC Airwolf Helicopter Contests

Airwolf helicopter flying competitions is a huge sport enjoyed by many hobbyists. Advanced 3D freestyle aerobatics contests are held all the time. RC tournaments held in both the UK and the U.S. for the 3D masters Extreme Flight Championships go on every year.

Model helicopters provide exciting recreation for all ages. It is what makes them so popular being incredibly fun to fly. Being able to control speed and fly aerobatics and almost any aerial maneuvers can be far more exciting than the real thing. They can be both easier and even more difficult to fly than the real thing. Many real pilots opt to refine their flight skills with an Airwolf helicopter of their own.

It is really a great hobby that is exciting and fun but you can never tell what family and friends will find just watching very entertaining. On one outing a group of about a half a dozen feral cats had circled around to watch the flight. It would have made a great video watching all the little faces enjoy the flight of my Airwolf helicopter on my outing.

The possibilities are endless with a super cool RC helicopter of your own to begin this exciting hobby. But beware catching the bug flying radio controlled helicopters brings much pleasure and excitement for all. It is very cool and addictive and is becoming extremely popular as the cost continues to move into reach of everyone. You really must experience the thrill and excitement of flying your own Airwolf helicopter because it is an amazing device.

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