The Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz 4 Channel RC Helicopter

The Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz 4CH 4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter Gyro Big 450 Size is a really great buy. Here is some of what you can expect when your child tears open the box from under the tree.
Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz 4CH
Here is what you find in the box!

The first thing you see is a very high tech looking Double Horse 4ch electric helicopter that is a huge 19 and a ½ inches long with the rotors extended to their limit. From the skids to the top of the rotor equal 5 and ½ inches. The main rotor extended end to end is an impressive 15”. All that is needed is batteries in the transmitter (6 AA fresh batteries) and a charge for the helicopter battery and you are ready to go flying. The transmitter has both low and high rate control and trim for indoor and outdoor flight. The high rate is with the switch in the up position. We recommend your first flight be outdoors in no wind unless you are an experienced pilot.

Flight Characteristics:

The Double Horse 9116 is a fixed pitch helicopter with a single rotor. But don’t let that fool you. This helicopter has some very realistic flight characteristics allowing you to fly up, down, left or right and perform the slid to the left or right. Its fast and very controllable out to as far as 150’ away and very well built. I have crashed mine a number of times in trees and the grass with no damage.

Flight Times on a Full Charge

From 8 to 10 minutes is exceptional for a 4ch helicopter in the 450 size. They say you can extend the flight time by disconnecting the LEDs. But rather than changing the helicopter it is better to buy an extra battery or two for the helicopter. With 3 fully charged helicopter batteries you can expect anywhere from 24 to 30 minutes of exciting flight time.

Rechargeable Helicopter Battery

With a little care you can get long consistent flight times and life out of your batteries if you handle them correctly. The documents that come with your helicopter are Chinese translated to English and understanding what they mean can be a challenge at times. To recharge the batteries with the supplied charger it should take 30 to 40 minutes. I have gotten reports of it taking up to two full hours. So do not worry if it takes a little longer at times to get a full charge. The charger is easy to use and has a flashing green let to let you know the battery is charging. It lights solid green to tell you the battery has a full charge. Some of the older chargers the green led would only light when the battery was charged.

Battery Handling Safety

Never charge a LiPo battery unattended. For extended life always let the battery cool down after use before recharging. Time your flights to not use up the battery by completely discharging it. When charging the battery always check to see if it is getting hot. If the battery is getting hot while charging dispose of properly and use a replacement. They can get hot sometimes when using them and a heavy load is placed on them but this is normal just let cool down before recharging.

Preflight the Helicopter

4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter

This 4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter is a great value and lots of fun.

I always remove the battery from the helicopter when recharging. So if you decide to recharge your battery in the helicopter just make sure the red battery plug is unplugged and never leave battery plugged in when not in use. Okay back to preflight power up the transmitter first it goes through a start up series of beeps followed by one high pitched tone to indicate it’s ready for helicopter power up. Make sure the left stick is down throttle off in the default mode 2. There is two reasons for this one is you do not want the rotor blades to start unexpectedly and if all is working as it should if you power up the helicopter with the throttle on the transmitter will not communicate with the helicopter. Be safe by checking the throttle first. Now place your helicopter on a flat surface and switch the power switch on you should see and hear the servos twitch to let you know the helicopter is ready to fly. If you have left the throttle up you may not get the servo twitch. If this happens power down the transmitter and helicopter. Now reset the throttle down and power up the transmitter wait for the tone then power up the helicopter and wait for the servo twitch. Now move the right control stick on the transmitter to make sure the swashplate is moved by the servos. Remember the high/low rate switch setting up for long movement and down for short movement.

First Flight Ready

You are bound to be a bit shaky even if you are an experienced pilot. So make your first flight outside in no wind. Go slow at first learn to hover the transmitter may need to be trimmed so the helicopter does not drift forward, backward or left or right. So adjust the trim setting so the helicopter will hover with as little drift as possible. Once a stable hover is achieved you can switch to the lower rate and fly indoors is you have a room big enough for the 450 sized helicopter.

The Double Horse 9116 is not Indestructible

What to do with in case of a sever crash with damage. With a helicopter this large from time to time parts will break and need to be replaced. The part replacement market is getting better all the time. Replacement parts can be found in many places today., and all carry replacement parts for the 4 Channel RC Helicopter Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz Single Blade Helicopter.

 “ This helicopter is a great value and lots of fun. ”

I purchased my Double Horse 9116 from Amazon which had the lowest price. And also got free shipping on my Double Horse 9116 2.4GHz 4CH 4 Channel RC Single Blade Helicopter.


Double Horse 9116 Big 4 Channel 24GHz Remote Control RC Helicopter Blue
Double Horse 9116 Big 4 Channel 24GHz Remote Control RC Helicopter Blue
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Double Horse DH9116 4 Channel 24GHz Remote Control RC Helicopter Blue US CA
Double Horse DH9116 4 Channel 24GHz Remote Control RC Helicopter Blue US CA
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